Church Council

The Council conducts the business of the church and is divided into an
oversight committee and four sub-committees.

The Executive Committee –  The council officers. Acts in accordance with the
instructions of the council.

  • Art Miner, President
  • Tom Mason, Vice President
  • Ernie Carlson, Secretary
  • Shawn Seals, Treasurer

Stewardship and Finance Committee Responsible for all the financial affairs of the
church and the annual stewardship campaign.

  • Andrew Harris
  • Heidi Martin
  • Tom Mason

Property Care Committee Responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the
building and grounds.

  • Art Miner – Chairperson
  • Ben Minnich
  • David Sowder

Spiritual Life and Evangelism Committee Responsible for communion
preparation, special worship services, reception for new members, obtaining lay
readers and greeters, and hosting coffee hour.

  • Becky Allen
  • Jane Kreiger
  • Pam Dobbs
  • Chelsea Hoffman

Preschool Contact Acts as a go-between for the council and the preschool and
brings cares, concerns, and activities to the attention of the council.

2017 Term Council Members
Mary Meyers
Martha Minks
Kathy Harris
Dave Hearrell

2018 Term Council Members

Jane Kreiger
Adam Miner
Ben Minnich
Mark Schneider

2019 Term Council Members

Chelsea Brothers
Ernie Carlson
Pam Dobbs
Andrew Harris
Heidi Martin
David Sowder


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