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Gene and Irene Moore

Gene Moore, left, poses with his wife Irene Moore between frames at Western Bowl, Thursday, March 26, 2015. Gene is 94 (95 on March 30, 2015), and he and his wife Irene, 92 on March 28, have been bowling for decades. (Photo: Kelly Wilkinson/The Star)

“Irene Moore still blushes when she hears her husband tell how the couple met in front of her family’s home on East Minnesota Street.

She was 13. He was nearly 16. It was during the Great Depression and Gene Moore was riding his bike through the neighborhood with a friend.

“All of sudden, this girl comes off the porch and started talking to him,” Gene, now 95, said. “I was like, ‘Who is that young lady?’ That was it.”

Gene insists Irene never has said what she saw in him. But the two were married in 1942 and celebrate their 73rd wedding anniversary on July 26. Their common interest throughout that time has been sports. They still bowl regularly in a Thursday afternoon 10-pin league at Western Bowl on West Washington Street.

That shared interest has helped keep their love alive after nearly three-quarters of a century.”  Excerpt from the article “2 Have Love to Spare” in The Indianapolis Star, reporter Michael Pointer.

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Gene Nix“Gene Nix said he feels like the wealthiest man in Greenwood from all the blessings he’s received in his lifetime. If he had to account as to why, he said it’s because he’s lived his life with four priorities: ‘I’ve served my country, I’ve served my community, I’ve served my family and I’ve served my God. If I can honestly say that, and I can, that’s all I want.'”  Excerpt from the article “For the love of country” in The Southside Times.  

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Shawn Seals PhotoWhen St. John’s member Shawn Seals was asked, “What is it about your place of worship that helps you grow spiritually?” he responded, “‘I grew up in a very structured church environment. I loved that then, and I still love that today. However, at St. John’s UCC, it’s easy to be yourself. One of my favorite things about both St. John’s and The United Church of Christ itself, is that you are free to be who you want to be.  With John 17:21 “That they may all be one.” as the motto of the UCC, it couldn’t be more fitting for me.'”  Excerpt from the article “A family circle” in The Southside Times.

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