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St_Johns_TRUE_Banner2_Page_12-373x719Another year of being TRUE to the Gospel at St. John’s is behind us!  Once again this year, the TRUE Committee has initiated, organized or participated in many activities in the life of our church.  With you and your support, we have once again provided many wonderful opportunities to Teach, Reach, Unite and Engage ourselves and the community around us.  In 2014, the TRUE Committee worked towards getting back to marketing St. John’s.

The TRUE Committee helped to create some new and exciting marketing materials.  With the support of the committee and members of the congregation, we developed new brochures to be used for guests of St. John’s to replace the outdated ones.  In addition to the new brochure now in place, you should expect to see some nice new bookmarks in the pews later this year that will be both practical and inviting for our guests as well as us.  Window decals like those of vacation locations were developed and offered to members and guests to show off our pride and let it be known that at St. John’s we continue to believe that, “God is Still Speaking.”  If you would like one of these window decals (see graphic below), let me know.  In addition to marketing materials such as these, the TRUE Committee served as an inspiration for the development of a “Welcoming Committee” to develop and implement a planned approach for making sure our guests are both welcomed to St. John’s and provided some useful items to take home to help them remember their visit.

Even with our returning focus to the marketing of St. John’s, the TRUE Committee did manage to sponsor and support some events throughout the year.  We hosted another Recycling Day at St. John’s.  In 2014, we had even more participation from the community than the year before.  We had another great pitch-in at St. John’s, with the Chili Cook-off which was supported by the youth.

In 2015, the TRUE Committee will host more recycling events to demonstrate our environmental stewardship.  We are also working on putting together an estate planning seminar, a self-defense course and something special for our local veterans.  In addition to these exciting events, you should expect to see some additional marketing materials later this year, including the much talked about St. John’s shirts.

As I said before, the love and support of the congregation inspired the TRUE Committee again in 2014.  For that, we thank each and every one of you!


Shawn (for the T.R.U.E. Committee)

God is still speaking

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